In IMANEXT (hereinafter referred to as the “Contest”), which is organized by amana inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), only those that have agreed to the terms of use of the Contest (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Use”) will be eligible to participate.

Article 1: Conditions of participation for contest

Limited to who are aged sixteen (16) years of age or older. By submitting the application the entrant and his/her parent or legal guardian accepts all the rules and regulations of the contest. The registration fee, per entry, is 2,000 Japanese Yen for each apply.

Article 2: Work to Apply to Enter the Contest

A piece of work to apply to enter the Contest (hereinafter referred to as the “Application Work”) shall be submitted using only a photo taken by the Applicant or a photo to which the Applicant owns the copyright according to the application guidelines of the Contest, and digital data. The Applicant may submit multiple photos in a single application and may submit the Application Work to the Contest multiple times.

Article 3: Application Process for the Contest

  1. 1Entries will only be accepted via the entry form on the this website.Please upload your works using the form and enter the required information to submit your application.
  2. 2After the application is submitted, the Applicant Work may not be redacted or replaced.

Article 4: Ineligibility of Application Work

If the Company has decided that the Application Work falls under any of the following items, all the Application Works submitted by the Applicant will be treated as ineligible.

  1. (1)The Company has decided that it is or could be against public order and decency or laws or regulations.
  2. (2)The Company has decided that it infringes or could infringe on a third party’s rights.
  3. (3)It sends or could send a computer program that is harmful or could have harmful consequences.
  4. (4)The Company has decided that it discriminates or will promote discrimination against a certain race, religion or political party.
  5. (5)The Company has decided that it abets or could abet a crime.
  6. (6)The naked body of a child is the object of the piece.
  7. (7)The Company has decided that it provides or could provide a sense of discomfort to a third party, such as a dead body or a dirty item.
  8. (8)The Company has decided that it will ruin or damage services provided by the Company or the credibility of the Company.
  9. (9)Those that are deemed inappropriate by the Company

Article 5: Matters to be Complied With

The Applicant must comply with the following matters with respect to the Application Work. If the Company has decided that the Applicant violates or could violate the matters to be complied with provided for in this Article, the Company shall exclude all the Application Works submitted by the Applicant from the selection.

  1. (1)The Application Work is a photo to which the Applicant owns the rights.
  2. (2)A third party’s rights are not infringed on in relation to the Application Work itself and the photographing of the Application Work.

Article 6: Attribution of Rights of Application Work

  1. 1The copyright of the Application Work shall belong to the Applicant, in principle.
  2. 2The Applicant shall agree in advance that the Application Work that the Applicant submitted by the final date of the application period of the Contest will only be posted on the application site of the Contest at the Company’s discretion.
  3. 3The Applicant shall agree in advance that notwithstanding the provision of the preceding paragraph, his/her Application Work that received a prize or was selected in the Contest will be used by the Company at the Company’s discretion without restriction on the period of use and the media use after the Company makes alterations such as replication and cropping of the Application Work for the purpose of implementing and operating the Contest.

Article 7: Intellectual Property Rights of Application Work

  1. 1If the Application Work includes the rights of a third party (including, but not limited to, trademark rights, design rights and copyrights; the same shall apply hereinafter), the Applicant shall give the Company representation and warranty that the Applicant applied for the Contest after addressing any and all rights, including the acquisition of a license from the legitimate right holders.
  2. 2The Applicant shall agree that if he/she violates the representation and warranty in the preceding paragraph and receives a request for the suspension of use of the Application Work, an objection, a request or a claim from a third party, or a judicial claim, the Applicant will be liable for compensation of any and all damages suffered by the Company and the third party.

Article 8: Prize

  1. 1The prize winner shall be contacted by the Company at his/her e-mail address, and if the Applicant discloses the shipping address of the prize, it shall be shipped to the shipping address.
  2. 2The right to receive the prize shall belong only to the prize winner, which may not be transferred to a third party or offered as security.
  3. 3The prize money shall be paid to the prize winner through a bank transfer. However, the bank account for transfer shall be limited to the account under the name of the prize winner (if the prize winner is a minor, a person with parental authority).

Article 9: Temporary Suspension of the Contest

  1. 1The Company may temporarily suspend, discontinue, postpone or cancel the Contest without prior notice to the Applicants at the Company’s own discretion and judgment on the grounds of the maintenance, inspection and failure of the Company’s system.
  2. 2In the case set forth in the preceding paragraph, the Company shall not be liable for damages suffered by the Applicants.

Article 10: Exemptions

  1. 1The Applicant shall agree in advance to exempt the Company from obligations set forth in the following items.
    1. (1)Obligation to refurbish, change and add equipment, systems or software owned or managed by the Company in order for the Applicant to ensure compatibility with communication equipment or software to apply for the Contest
    2. (2)Liability for damages in relation to an accident and the breakage or loss of all or part of the data during the uploading of the Application Work by the Applicant
    3. (3)Obligation to guarantee the commercial value and usability of the Application Work expected by the Applicant
  2. 2The Applicant shall exempt the Company from an obligation to resolve any and all disputes arising between the Applicant and a third party based on or in relation to the Contest and the Application Work, whatever the case and the reason may be, and the said disputes shall be resolved at the Applicant’s own risk and expense.

Article 11: Personal Information

1) All personal information collected by the Company from the participation of individuals in this Contest will be handled in accordance with the "Basic Guidelines on Information Security" separately set forth by the Company as well as all related laws and regulations.
2) This personal information will only be used for the purposes of running this Contest and will be promptly deleted after the required period of time has elapsed.
    [Click here to view the Basic Guidelines on Information Security]

Article 12: Revision of the Terms of Use

The Company may revise the Terms of Use without prior notice to the Applicants. The revised Terms of Use shall become effective when it is posted on the application site for the Contest.

Article 13: Severability

In the event that any provision in this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable under the law, either wholly or in part, all remaining provisions in this Agreement shall remain in full effect.

Article 14: Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and any disputes arising from the Terms of Use shall be exclusively brought before the Tokyo District Court of Japan as the court of first instance.

Article 15: Service Area

Through this contest (IMA NEXT), we will not offer any goods or services to people within the EEA and will not monitor the behavior of people in the EEA through the use of cookies, etc.

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