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The first dream

This work is a composite of my pen drawings and photographs I took.

By combining my pen drawings, which were originally in black and white, with photographs and adding color and brightness, I have created a new expression that has never existed before.
 This work is based on the theme of my illness.
 In the past, I suffered from schizophrenia-like symptoms, severe autonomic imbalance, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and this work is mainly based on the theme of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
 The unique patterns in the pen drawings represent ritualistic acts that are repeated over and over again until they are forgiven, and the swirling patterns represent the feeling of being blocked in all directions with no way out.
 The reason why many of these works use the sea as a motif is because my illness was not something that could be clearly understood by those around me even if I talked about it, so I compare my feelings when I could not rely on anyone to help me to the deep sea, where neither sound nor light could reach.
 The reason why this work is visually beautifully crafted despite its theme of illness is because it feels to me as if following an obsession is good and defying it is evil, which makes me feel like a god. This is also the reason why most of the motifs are natural.
 However, even if I follow my obsession, which feels like a divine command, it is not only incomprehensible to those around me, but it also makes me feel like I am crazy.
 Each of my works is filled with various meanings, and each piece expresses my fundamental feelings.


Takasaki Magi

Currently enrolled in the Professional Course at Japan College of Photography and Art.
 Lives and works in Saitama Prefecture.
 Enjoys pencil drawings, pen drawings, oil paintings, and film photography.
 Mainly produces works with new expressions that are not bound by the framework of photography.

Jury selection

The “REAL” strengthens with the encounter of painting and photography. It reminds me of the photo sketches using paper stencils by Ei-Q.


THEME #34 PhotographyandPainting


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