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New York, New York. 2017

I think of my work as gathering evidence and looking for clues. Letting things both arbitrary and non sequitur take the same importance as intentional allegory or metaphor. I'm walking around picking up playing cards, and when I get home I shuffle them up into a brand new deck we've never seen before, and deal myself a hand of solitaire.


Brian Karlsson

Brian Karlsson is a photographer and fine artist. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and he was nominated for a Grammy for his photographic contributions in BOOK, a book produced in tandem with designer Paul Sahre.

Jury selection

When I saw this photo, it immediately caught my attention. The angle is as if we are looking at the tank from the side, the man lying in the water and reaching for the surface, and the woman with her face out of the water. The woman's face is out of the water and her expression is not visible; the man does not appear to be in anguish. Behind them are two large faces with large smiles on their faces, as if they are staring at the two people in the water. There is a lot of information given, but my understanding cannot keep up. The clue to the mystery may be the title, but with only the location and year of the photo, which is unique to snapshots, the mystery becomes even deeper. Something that cannot be expressed in words attracts me, and the multilayered information stimulates my brain in a pleasant way.




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