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I like noise and drone music.
At first there is an information overload for your ears, but gradually you get used to it and your body begins to recognize the subtle changes in sounds.
After this, the sound is detached from your consciousness and you get the experience of all the things that you have seen in your life appearing and disappearing in your brain.

It's different from something like an express slideshow. And it's not like a picture lantern, either,
If I were to give an example, it's like seeing the light from your hometown lighthouse from the sea.
Clusters of images are wrapped in light and you get the feeling of an arc being gradually created.

I'm searching for the lighthouse.
One by one, I want to make each picturesque scene that appears in my life my own.


Kazuhei Kimura

Born in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture in 1993. Tokyo based.
Four photography books published. Major solo exhibitions include "Wing Curtain/Lighthouse" (2019, B gallery).
19th 1_WALL Photography Competition Judges Honorable Mention (selected by Kimi Himeno).

Jury selection

The rough tone appears coarse, as if the image has been copied over several times but it contains a wealth of detailed information within. It is reminiscent of the convalescent tone in Daido Moriyama's "Light and Shadow." Superior composition and framing.


THEME #06 Black&White

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