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Humancity in the nature

I believe that cities are magnified projections of human beings.
This magnification can be thought of as a distortion that creates fat people.
For this reason, I decided to try reducing the scale of my work from the magnified cities down to the human beings themselves.
This is why I have gone with photographs that capture "indifferent human beings amidst nature."
For instance, wearing mountain wear and carrying a multipurpose backpack is a characteristically urban sighting.
That is why I had decided to zoom in on the "indifferent human beings amidst nature" in my urban photos.


Yuu Matsui

Born in 1985
Won the "New Cosmos of Photography" Excellence Award in 2016
Won the Athen Photo Festival Special Award in 2018
Selected as a Tokyo Frontline Finalist in 2018
I started taking photos and making videos after becoming a recipient of the 2016 award.

Jury selection

How did the artist interpret the subject of "landscape" and how did he capture it? I was excited to learn more about it. It made me realize that a work that simply captures the urban or natural surroundings without any people cannot be seriously thought of as "landscape."
I thought that this was one of the best works to exemplify that idea.
It carries the urban landscape as if it were a backpack and enters into natural surroundings.
I felt that it has a superb concept of inverting the conventional assumptions of landscape and exposing the contradictions of human beings.
Aesthetically, the photographs were also beautiful. I hope that this series can be developed further moving forward.




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