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In the midst of the Great East Japan Earthquake, my father died in a local hospital far from the sea.
At the time, the TV in his hospital room repeatedly broadcasted images urging people to secure drinking water.
My father, who had begun to accumulate pleural effusion, responded to the call and frequently asked for water.
Puzzled by this contradiction, time passed without myself being able to think about either the disaster area or myself.
After the funeral, in order to regain consciousness, I began walking along the lees of the Arakawa River, which runs straight to my hometown, in search of visual recognition.
What I found there were various fragments of breath that were no different from the human body, as if everything born of water were equally unchanging.
These fragments, collected by the camera's eye, continue to remain, transformed into a call to others, a call to one's own life, a call to the life of the world, and a call to contemplation.


Shin-ichi Yokozawa

Born in Saitama Prefecture, currently resides in Tokyo
Graduated from Asagaya College of Art and Design
Photography mainly of land, publishing photo books from independent label "FUKEI".
Main Exhibitions 
2021 "GA TO Sí?" Sakuragi fine arts
2021 "Kusabino" Alt_Medium
2011 "Kemurino" Ginza Nikon Salon

Jury selection

There is seemingly a cohesion between these images because of the color and atmosphere that runs through them. With an overarching theme that deals with death and loss the images reflect on the ephemeral nature of life and exude a feeling that is both attractive and haunting. Yet, they feel spontaneous and associatively put together and makes me curious to the bigger context of this work.




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