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Form of Value

I used to have times when I wasn't sure of my value. I read a lot of books, but there was no answer. At that time, I was taking pictures of people coming and going in the city on a routine basis. One day, I came across an article in Marx's book that said the value of commodity A was based on the use value of commodities B and C, and it became clear to me. I realized that my value was based on the lives of the people who came and went before me. It was a relief to think that I was living in such a world. Since then, I have wondered what I have done to ensure the lives of others. Last year, I had been processing and mass-producing still-life photographs that were not even close to being chopsticks and sticks. I hollowed out the person I had taken before and put last year's still-life photo in it. What is this? A form of value?


Masaru Takahashi

1971 Born in Yokosuka City
Graduated from Tokyo College of Photography in 1996
Exhibition "PROVOKE 2.0" (Poland) and others.
Awards "JP_EN ISSUE.1" and others.
Website"SELF PUBLISH, BE HAPPY"and others.

Jury selection

If there was a camera that could capture “minds,” it may be taking these kinds of photographs.

Just like an avant-garde ornament, the rich colors and unconventional textures seem to visualize the essence of human beings.

It feels as if we are looking into the “inside” of something we are not supposed to see.




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