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I Left You Flowers

I Left You Flowers is about revisiting past moments and versions of myself I will never experience again. Who gave me these flowers? Do I still know them? Flowers are nostalgia for moments in life that are delicate, colorful, and short-lived. Flowers remind of us of our own fragility.


Bree Steen

Bree Steen is a film photographer based in Los Angeles trying to create All killers and no fillers!

Jury selection

This is an image that finely makes use of the "margin of imagination," one of the best parts of photographic expression.
Is the flower looking over here, or is it facing the mirror? Did the artist place it there, did someone leave it there, or did the flower itself approach the mirror? In such a way, I can't help but feel attached to this flower, to the point I am even anthropomorphizing it.
The light outside, the shadows lining the window, the color balance of the picture, and other coincidences all add up to a moment of miraculous equilibrium.
Despite the various elements in the picture, I cannot take my eyes off the flower. As I take a close look, this pespective which makes me feel emotionally involved, I sense the artist's sweetness and gentleness.



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