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In Buddhist religion, "Antharabhava" indicates the state of transition between death and rebirth, the timeless and spaceless interlude that elapses from when human beings die until consciousness is ready to reincarnate and evolve into another being. They are silent diptychs that question the viewers, like a mirror and an opportunity to break the prominent and open new doors within oneself, trying to perceive the death in life and the life in the death, assuming that the two states are always present at the same time.


Ilaria Sponda

Ilaria Sponda (b. 1998 Milan, IT) is a visual artist, researcher, writer and curator based between Lisbon (PT) and Dublin (IE). She studied BA (Hons) Arts, Performing Arts and Cultural Events at IULM, Milan, and she is now studying MA Management of the Arts and Culture at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisbon. Sponda’s practice as a photographer is rooted in the aesthetic of delicacy. She researches her identity through identification with nature, abstract forms and archival images, while she questions the boundaries between life and death. Images, words and sounds always merge and cannot stand on their own.

Jury selection

In Antharabhava—a term that refers to the state between death and rebirth—Ilaria SPONDA presents pensive diptychs that not only present fossil-like forms, but also seem to function like fossils themselves. Her images present traces of life that accrue over time, akin to sediment deposits, and suggest a sense of longevity to life after death.



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