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Potato Love

This series that explores the life-cycle of the potato. When first harvested, potatoes appear smooth. As they age, their shape changes and then miraculously, new green growth appears. I collected visually interesting potatoes at farmer’s markets and allowed each to mature in my studio. I observed and documented these bulbous, vulnerable creatures, as they transformed and gave sprouted new life. Capturing this process as life emerged from seemingly barren objects, was inspiring. The resulting images point to the cyclical nature of time and the chance for new growth in all living things.


Beth Galton

Beth Galton is a photo-based artist, with an educational background in the natural sciences and 40 years of experience as a professional photographer in the editorial and commercial world. Her images have been exhibited throughout the US and Europe most recently at Montpellier Contemporian, Wave Hill, The Center for Photographic Art, Praxis, and Beth Urdang Gallery. Her ‘Cut Food Series’ was part of ‘The Fence’ a traveling outdoor exhibition. She lives and works in New York City.

Jury selection

The life cycle of the humble potato serves as the inspiration for this series by Beth GALTON, who rightly observed that sprouts symbolize growth and the continuation of life long after the potato might serve its purpose as an ingredient.



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