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Dream about you

Snapshots seem to reflect the latent desires of the photographer, albeit whether consciously or unconsciously. Spending more time thinking about a loved one living on the other side of the globe, each time I saw traces of where that person had once been, I found myself more consciously aware of people's "presence." While we may at times see the physical presence of someone, at others that presence may be the invisible result of our delusions.


Hana Yamamoto

Born in 1999 in Chiba. He is a student at Tama Art University. In 2018, he self-published a photobook called “Gardening”, which captured his travels to Sagamihara City, the United States and Yakushima Island. In 2019, he stayed in New York, and after a workshop at Magnum Photo, he held his solo exhibition called "Journey to the West, Gazing Away from the Absence," at Kannai Bunko, Yokohama. Since then, he has conducted research on the resistance and immigration in Fukushima, Hong Kong and the United States. His other essays include "Tenten".

Jury selection

The snapshot aesthetic is often an earmark of authenticity; a slice of real time captured in an offhand way and set aside for the sake of remembrance. Hana Yamamoto brings together a handful of these casual slivers of time to evoke a love story; a memory or a dream.



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