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LCD images

These images are based on my daily memories output by the AI image generation tool. For me, these images evoke memories of that time, as if they were private photographs. I feel as if I am psychically copying the process of contemplating the input text and being able to output an image that reminds me of that memory, and at the same time, I think about the feasibility of this process. The work is an exposure of a piece of paper coated with a photosensitive material on a monitor displaying the image generated in this way. The transition of the image on the LCD seems to be a complementary state between autonomous technology and human beings. The photograms capture the index of both the ephemerality and the device that reproduces it. I consider this to be photographic as well.


Masashi Mihotani

Masashi Mihotani (b. 1987, Osaka) took an interest in photography after graduating from high school.
While continuing to present his work in a variety of exhibitions, he has also gained experience through various jobs related to photography. In addition to his artistic practice, Mihotani is a current part-time lecturer at a technical college and the host of Japan UNK Radio, a podcast where he hosts discussions with a wide range of artists. He currently lives and works in Kyoto.

Jury selection

The image is very quiet, yet strong enough to work on the deepest level of the mind. It is like a forgotten memory, a dream, or a scene from a horror movie we have seen some time ago. This work is a complex process that combines cutting-edge technology with classical techniques, but the viewer does not feel the process or the time involved, and we see further potential in the way it is realized as "a moment in time captured as a photograph". It is the kind of series we look forward to seeing how it will develop in the future.




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