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When you enter the mountain, you will see a course sign with a mark on the tree with tape so as not to deviate from the mountain trail.
In the past, I had lost sight of the trail and was in distress if I couldn't find the tape alone in the vast forest.
When I found the tape, I felt relieved and felt a sign of people from the tape.
It is a proof and trace that humans have already intervened in nature.
From that experience, this project involves intervening in nature, leaving traces, and taking pictures with the theme of the relationship between nature and human beings, and the question of human intervention in nature.
It creates a mystery like a crop circle, and I want to ask the viewer.


Tetsuo Kashiwada

Born in 1988.
While traveling, I meet nature and people, focus on the questions I felt there, and create works from a unique perspective centered on the relationship between people and nature.
For major awards
2019 – 42nd New Cosmos of Photography - Honorable Mention by Sandra Phillips
2020 – 43rd New Cosmos of Photography - Honorable Mention by Mikiya Takimoto
2021 JAPAN PHOTO AWARD award Charlotte Cotton / Mutsuko Ota selected

Jury selection

Judged by IMA Editorial Team

The borders emerge by visualizing invisible marks and thus, the presence of human intruding nature also surfaces. The unintended shapes of boundary is visually pleasing and may act as multiple metaphors representing the human-nature relationship. Is it a proof of human’s sincerity? Is it human’s domination over nature? Are they coexisting? Without a distinct message, this is a work that has the ability to encourage the audience to think and question themselves.



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