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Conflicting Forms

We, humans, try to enforce our control upon the natural world. By putting up geometric shapes we make an attempt to overrule the organic. In this project, I investigate this constant battle. Humans impose and nature takes back.


Jade Kievits

As a photographer I use my projects to investigate the questions that I am curious about. Often these questions relate to the theme of the natural world that we are part of. It is this all-embracing concept of the physical world that I am drawn to investigate because I feel there is much to it that is not visible and therefore easily passed by.
Based in The Hague, The Netherlands

Jury selection

The work by Jade Kievits also stood out to me instantly as a good piece of work. By simply using a grid system held against or in front of plant life. I understood immediately what Jade was wanting to convey without explanation. This work can be a wonderful metaphor of humans wish to control and plant life and its refusal to comply. The grids work so well against the amazingly shaped leaves and in some ways reminded me of their beauty. The grids appear to be made from string or creases in the paper, I could not work out which, but they act as a kind of anchor in the other direction. I liked these very much as documents also though I fear if leaping onto an art fair wall, they would lose power and significance. I hope I am wrong though as this work is truly great and says so much about humans put in place to control and can only suffocate or restrict.




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