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The Wind Will Carry Us

Encounters with the overflowing sincerity of nature in everyday life. Drawn by its presence, I find myself taking a detour.


Kawai Tatski

Born in Toyohashi City, Aichi in 1998
Living in Tokyo

Jury selection

What can I say. This work, at a glance is easy to pass by, you could say lacking subject, lacking an edge as people like to say or void of much to get your teeth into.

This though was part of this works charm to me. I really liked this work, though it’s hard to explain exactly why, but I will attempt to do so now in writing.

All of what I listed above of being absent is why I liked this work so much Tatsuki Kawai.

These images were made by someone who clearly felt something and that something came through to me. They are almost concentrated and reduced, but rich, almost timeless. The images appear to have little elements, but somehow, they are bursting with life, both author and the subject. The images feel isolated, super bold and all have an orange warm glow, not sure if this was from the sun or leaned that way later. But this does not matter to me and I love where these images landed. They are quite a matter of fact, some almost forensic, but of what and for why, never the less they are soulful and ambient. Again, it was difficult for me to explain why I like this work in words and maybe that its strength, its hard to grasp, pin down. Like some music, it just gets under your skin.

Congratualtions on making such a special piece of work Kawai and I am very happy for you. I hope to see more in the future. It was a pleasure.




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