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Footprints of The Cat That Ate The Sheep: Moon Country Edition

In the past, when I became tired of life in Japan, I was a hippy for four years. I was wandering around the world. It was not something good, like a backpacker with a dream. I was just so tired that I wanted to escape from everything at that time. A recluse that could not go back to his country. Even for someone like me, there was a country and city where I felt comfortable. Ten years since I returned to Japan. I decided to go on another journey. Episode 1 -From the Country of the Moon-



Joined Hakuhodo Photo Creative (now Hakuhodo Products) as an assistant photographer after working in the sculpture department at Tama Art University.
Wandered and lived a life of photography in over 45 countries after leaving the company.
After returning to Japan, worked as a photographer for a publisher, and currently actively working as a freelance photographer.

2014: Selected for the APAaward in the photography category
2016: Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards Finalist
Participated in the Review Santa Fe portfolio review
2017: Participated in the Angkor Photo Festival as a workshop member
2018: Solo exhibition of "The Sea and the Jewels" as a guest writer at the Yakushima International Photo Festival

Jury selection

Before the age of cellphones and the internet, I traveled alone to places like Pakistan and China. I was fully aware I was a foreigner, but I was able to submerse myself between the areas where the people lived. I faded into the background, like an invisible man. It brings back those kinds of memories in a way that I can almost feel and smell them.




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