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someone’s past

My family's ancestors are local dignitaries who were born before the Meiji Era. They were awarded the Order of Merit and started their family. In the guest room, there is a portrait of my ancestor. Whenever I look at the portraits, I feel deeply in my heart that I was born as the eldest daughter. However, I ran away from the pressure and there was no one left to take over the house. My father, who is getting older, has organized the land of his ancestors and has already begun his life's work. He seemed to be putting together a family tree. There are probably as many families as there are stars like my family. I believe that others will have no interest in them and will never know their names. The house and the family name will eventually disappear, but at least I am keeping a record of it so that I will not forget it.



Originally from Tochigi Prefecture and now living in Tokyo, I am part of an industry that is quite distinct from photography. In the moments between my daily routine, I engage with my camera, capturing images as I explore my inner self and my roots.

Jury selection

The more anonymous the person in the portrait of the deceased, the more the viewer's attention is drawn to the person in the photograph. It is even more intriguing as a collective due to the assumption that there is a family lineage connection between them. Even if the photographer's comments are very personal, the sense of anonymity of the photographs transcends them.




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