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The past is in us

The past cannot exist without the future. The future cannot be without the past. We have come from the past to the future. We will always be connected to the past. It is among us. We just forget about it and do not see.


Anna Weidle

I am Anna Weidle, born in the Republic of Moldova . I have lived in Germany for 20 years. I have been involved in creative and commercial photography for 10 years.
My photography reflects my inner world, which is shaped by my perception, thoughts, feelings, memories, dreams, emotions and losses. In our rapidly changing world, it is difficult to determine what is relevant, fashionable or necessary. I know that my photography is a true representation of myself. Through my paintings I reflect myself and create a new reality together with the people in my stories. My work touches sensitive and profound issues that are important to me.
I photograph digital and also analogue cameras.
My photo works was;
Exhibition ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 2.0. April.2023.
Ost Anders Festival Nuremberg " Human Machine" May.2023.

Jury selection

The very good multiple-exposure arrangement of the photographs taken in the present day and the anonymous portraits taken in the last century gives us a sense of the long history of race, culture, and customs that have been handed down through the ages. The fact that we can think of these as our own history is due in large part to the anonymity of the photographs used.




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