THEME #04Winners2022JAN




19 years old

I'm currently supporting myself working part time at a gas station while I enjoy taking photographs. The subject in this photo is a 19-year-old junior coworker. With his shaved head, pierced nose, and graffiti-like tattoos, he's at an age I can never return to. I took his picture with both a sense of envy and the desire to develop a closer friendship.


Natsuko Kito

Born in 1992, in Kyoto. Majored in Japanese painting in the Master of Fine Arts program, Nara University of Education. Simultaneously specialized in photography at Vantan Design Institute Osaka campus. Currently engaged in freelance photography with a focus on still photography for films, TV, and various media outlets. I aim to capture the appeal of my subjects in photographs that naturally find their way into viewers' hearts.

Jury selection

Just five pictures is enough to show the the subject, the background and environment, as well as eloquently state the way the photographer views the subject, and how they want to express the subject to the world. I can say that, as a portrait, this is an exquisite piece, and a work of art that amplifies the strength of the resonance of sensitivity and understanding, and that once viewed will not be easily forgotten.



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