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Rooms of Visually Impaired People

The project I am doing is a multi-chapter ongoing long term photography project about visually impaired people, their lives, feelings and emotions. In this particular series I gave a blank white paper to a non- seeing person and asked to draw his/her room and took portrait in that same room. The diptychs show both objective photograph and subjective perception of the space around a human. The series tend to break the walls of understanding between perception of world and transfer same emotion to various people watching it.


Davit Nersisyan

Davit Nersisyan is a freelance documentary photographer based in between Yerevan, Armenia and New York, USA.
Nersisyan is a student at the International Center of Photography. He started his career at the Mirzoyan photo-book Library as a librarian where he spent most of his time reading theory and practiced doing long-term photo projects.
Nersisyan’s main topic of interest are stories of people who are out of news reels. Personal stories represented in collaboration with the people being photographed is the approach Nersisyan wants to engage his viewer into much bigger topic otherwise being neglected to be told.
His ongoing work about visually impaired people is a multi chapter photography project which also implements different mediums like text, videos and so on.
The first chapters of the project had been exhibited at Mirzoyan Library in 2018.

Jury selection

Judged by Tomoko Yoneda:

His visually-impaired subjects transcribed their personal rooms for the audience to see — They portray, within themselves, the relationship between their space and objects, their shape and color, through scent, touch, and sound; using all but vision. These paradoxical diptyques repeatedly present, contradict, and challenge this fact.




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