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Three Returns



Three Returns

My grandfather survived a military prison camp during WWII and once released, he returned to his home on foot. 50 years later, I revisited as a child the path that my grandfather had followed in his return after the war. Now, the picture of my sons playing with the old orange trees at my grandfather’s house made me realize the depth and importance of this continuity and these permanent blood ties.


Vassilis Vasileiou

Born in 1983, I live and work as a corporate lawyer in Athens, Greece. I am specifically drawn to mundane, everyday life scenes where the boundaries of what is real and what is not start to blend, questioning the way that we perceive our day-to-day routines. Photography is for me this magical procedure that takes reality as its raw material and transforms it into something completely different, making me wonder if what I see in the photograph was even there in the first place.

Jury selection

I strongly felt the determination to remember the wounds and memory of his grandfather’s war experience and his will to pass them on to the next generation from his use of the camera, resembling his eyes as a father watching over his son.



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