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Absence and Displacement

During the period when I could have no direct relationship with the outside world, I suddenly didn't know whether I actually existed. I was unable to tell if what I saw on the screen was true or if it was related to me, and I thought that perhaps the world was connected to someone other than myself. As I arranged a number of photographs focusing on myself, I was able to confirm without a doubt that the self reflected in the pictures indeed existed. But the only images in which I could recognize myself had been edited. Perhaps these photos connect to someone else.


Mizuki Matsuda

Born in 1990 in Ibaraki prefecture. 2013 Graduated from the Department of Scenography, Display and Fashion Design, Musashino Art University
2014-2018 Assistant Professor at the above Department

Active as a freelance photographer from 2018
Engages primarily in fashion-related photography in addition to own works.

Jury selection

I am fascinated by how the artist thinks about closed spaces and by how he has devised a means of expression in photographs on the boundary between the inside and the outside. The artist takes a creative point of view in recognizing and reconstructing things. I see the works as a liberal application of photography as a means of expression.


THEME #14 Co-exist


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