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Between Civilization and Culture

A record of life with Aboriginal friends in Mount Levick, a small village standing in the central desert of Australia. The Aboriginal people have long undergone persecution and massacre, but in recent years, the government has changed its stance to offer assistance and support. As a result, coke and potato chips suddenly appeared within a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.
The photographs show the caterpillar hunting that has continued for generations and their break times during which they are eating caterpillars with other snacks such as kangaroo tails. Due to the lack of any habitual setting, the scene seems strange. It presents the culture and lifestyle of civilizations that I had thought would never come together. This is no superiority nor inferiority, but coexistence.


Remi Fukamachi

Born in 1996. Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Chuo University.
Has roots in both Japan and China. Representative Director, K.K. Sai.
Active as a photographer since 2016.
His photographs are characterized by a beautiful white tone with a sense of transparency, and broadly cover people, culture, cosmetics, and more.
He also works on documentaries, including that of the Aboriginal tribe under the motto "leave behind what should be left behind."
The jewelry brand "Sui", with a water motif drawn from beautiful sceneries photographed around the world, is under preparation.

Jury selection

Amid the experience of 21st century pandemic, we are becoming more aware of the seriousness of the issue of global ecological destruction. The climate crisis and the destruction of the environment are, in the end, results of the self-righteous harm caused by human civilization. "Between Civilization and Culture," a record of the Aboriginal people of Austria, vividly illustrates such issues.


THEME #14 Co-exist


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