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Finger Play_The way we hold hands

Finger Play_The Way We Hold Hands, the latest work from the ongoing series Finger Play, is my endeavor to reveal the appearance of another relationship we have built with society since the outbreak of the pandemic, which has further intensified my experience of how ‘I’ as an individual exist within the society. We do not know for sure how this period will impact the future but,you and me, us-we are going to discover new ways to live on with our hands held together.


Jinhee Kim

Jinhee Kim was born in Busan, Korea in 1985. She completed her B.A. at Chung-Ang University (Seoul), Department of Photography in 2008. In 2010, her first monograph Whisper(ing) (IANNBOOKS, Korea) was published. This series of works reflected her sympathy to the delicate pain and anxieties women of her generation struggled with. Since her later work She (2014), Kim has consistently used the method of applying embroidery of words or abstract shapes to prints in order to further express the women’s deep unconsciousness. She was awarded Excellence Prize at THE REFERENCE ASIA: PHOTO PRIZE 2019 with the series Finger Play (2019-).

Jury selection

The process of taking a photograph apart and reassembling it with hand-sewn stitches,
is here, the method that produces a narrative which cares for and heals the wounds, memories and trauma that individuals and society each carry within themselves.
This well-constructed series brings the best out of the physicality of photography and by employing embroidery by the hands of a woman, it refers metaphorically to the relationship of the female emotions.


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