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Soul contacts

Both in being born and in dying, we are alone throughout all. Even during our time alive, no matter how much we resonate with each other, individuals never meld together and become one. However, we live by gathering and eating the haze of light that shines only at the points of contact between individuals. Just as the body requires a heat source, the soul cannot live without that light.


Noa Sonoda

Born in Tokyo, lives in Kumamoto.
A photographer capturing the point where life and fantasy fuse
ZINE "Point" "Usual Phantasy"
Photobook, Kenkajo To Iu Itsudemo Soba Ni (KADOKAWA)
Director, MV "Holy day / MahiTo The People"
A new ZINE is currently under production

Jury selection

"Soul Contacts" makes us think about symbiotic and cyclical connections through relationships, including those between humans and life, daily life and nature, and children and the elderly. The series of photographs, such as a rear view of long hair, a person holding hands with a child and entering a waterway tunnel, and an old woman extending her hand into the air surrounded by birds, display situations that are ordinary yet surrealistic.


THEME #14 Co-exist

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