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Divine Empty.

"Divine Empty." is an ongoing self-portrait series, exploring the ever-changing shape of my "Self". This work is an expression of the concepts and emotions that are at the forefront of my experience as a person in this world, and the process of conceptualizing and creating this work is a fundamental part of my growth as an artist and allows me to dissect and reflect on the nature of my character.


Thomas Calder

I’m a multidisciplinary creative with over 15 years of experience in photography, music, filmmaking, and design.

I regularly explore themes of identity and use the format of photography as a way of telling a story and delivering a message. I am interested in creating moments that shine a light on the questions we all share and the struggles we all go through as humans. Isolation is a huge part of my life as an artist, and part of my work is a way of reconnecting with the world. I believe there's true, undeniable power in human connection and the sharing of collective ideas. I hope in some way to contribute to that conversation.

For me, the process is just as important as the final product. I’m interested in pushing the medium and discovering new ways of doing things. I don’t want to make pictures that are disposable. I value quality over quantity and don’t want to spend my life in a fury of experiences that I struggle to remember. I want to make images that mean something to, and for people. I want to be present, foster a connection, and collaborate in capturing and creating moments that stand the test of time and make some sort of difference. I’m passionate about providing a meaningful experience that inspires transformation, exploration, and expression.

Jury selection

I like the exploration of the Self in his work, and how he manages to link that inner process with visual elements like color, graphic elements, and props. I like the playfulness and experimental quality of the work.




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