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Will you please watch about the time between me and me?

Time, for me, is a color.
So the time of a given day has a proper color.
But the color will change tomorrow.
For example, if someone except me were to see that color change, would it look different?
That's what I want you to tell me.


Yuu Matsui

A Winner of the Excellence Award at the Canon New Cosmos of Photography (Selected by Erin O'Toole of SFMOMA) in 2016.

In 2018, A exhibition of Athens Photo Festival (in viod photography)

In 2020 the Semi Grand Prix TOKYO FRONTLINE by G/P gallery.

In 2020,the Grand Prix at the IMA prize
(Selected by Takashi Honma)

First I shoot a video, then I expand the video image and create a photograph.

Jury selection

I'm totally in awe by the work of this (young?) artist. It has a craziness to the work that I love. On his/her instagram I discovered more work that is even more interesting. The digital distortion feels so appropriate to these crazy times we live in... and the way we humans need to deal with all the things raging towards us; artificial intelligence, climate change, Covid19, etc. and the emotional and mental challenges this brings us. This work speak to all these issues in a metaphorical and spiritual way.



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