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Holy swabs

To undergo a swab test, a rapid examination to diagnose an ongoing SARS-CoV-2 infection, is undoubtedly an unpleasant experience. Worrying about the test results, and the implied consequences, adds to the discomfort of this invasive examination. A thin stick (like a cotton bud) is placed deep in the nasal cavity and in the back of the throat, often triggering a cough or the gag reflex. The very moment before, when such intimacy is shared with an unknown person and where there is no defence and no choice, human character and fragility are revealed


Tommaso Ausili

Tommaso Ausili (b. 1970) is an Italian photographer and videomaker. He approached photography after his graduation. Originally interested in travel and geographical photography, he gradually moved to photo-reportage. In 2009 he started the “Hidden Death” project that was awarded the World Press Photo (3rd prize) and the Sony World Photography Award. From 2010 he’s represented by Contrasto Agency

Jury selection

There has been no shortage of images related to Covid 19.
Looking through the images coming from this competition, I was looking for real originality, showing me something we had not seen before. A fresh take on Covid was a big ask!
We have all done the swab test and fully understand it is not a nice experience, but seeing all of these flashed anticipatory wide mouths was very arresting. How he managed to get permission, or even set it up himself
is a great achievement. So, this is a perfect example of taking the most obvious part of the pandemic and giving it that essential twist,
demonstrates so well the power of photography.




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