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O Culpa

The city of Sao Paulo, the largest urban center in the country, concentrates a total of more than 200 housing occupations that shelter more than 45 thousand families.
This project is about a housing occupation where approximately 35 families who do not own their homes, started to live in the same space under a viaduct in the Bom Retiro neighborhood.
On March 17 of the last year (beginning of the pandemic situation in the city), the public authorities proceeded with the demolition and the removal of the families from the area. Think COVID as a theme is think about how are these people now.


Rodrigo Koraicho

Rodrigo Koraicho (b.1985, São Paulo, Brazil) graduated from the University of Fine Arts in São Paulo, holds a master's degree in Aesthetics and Art History from the University of São Paulo. His projects - generally long-term, depict many aspects of society as a whole and social issues seeking to challenge the distinction between visual narratives, authorship and the documentary work.

Jury selection

Terrific series of double exposures of tenants who were being thrown out of their building during the covid period.
Although the link to the competition was a little tenuous, the double exposures are truly beautiful and subtle.
He also got the perfect expressions on the sitters face, a feeling of melancholy and anticipation.



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