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Quarantine in Queens

In March, 2020, my New York neighborhood became the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. I found myself living in my tiny apartment with my 86-year-old mother and my ex-wife. 500 days later, my family is still collaborating on this visual and humorous commentary on family and love during this historical period.


Neil Kramer

Neil Kramer is a writer and photographer from Queens, New York. He received a BA from Columbia University and an MFA from USC Film School. His work examines the humor and pathos of everyday life. Visual comedy has influenced his work. He enjoys the juxtaposition of small personal events with wild overreactions. Even though many of his photographs are staged, it is important to him that they convey honesty. Humor requires truth.

Jury selection

Wonderful set of images of a guy who is stranded in a house with his ex-wife and his mother. He certainly put his time to good use with this highly original series of images, all very deadpan, which range from being in the bath to watching TV together.
The fact that they are super staged, with a nice use of flash and very tight compositions, adds to the tension, and one has to wonder why the couple got divorced!



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