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Sulcis in Fundo

Sulcin in Fundo investigates the socio-economic effects of globalization on a small province of Sardinia whose identity has been shaped by the nature of its workforce. The ongoing technological revolution is reshaping all economic sectors, with unprecedented speed and intensity, making the workforce more and more in excess of the needs for capital enhancement. The province of Sulcis used to be a strategic minerary basin first and than a siderurgic plant, today is one of the most unemployed province in Italy.


Filippo Taddei

I was born in Como, Italy, where I did my studies and where the passion for the outdoors, the mountains, adventure and travel was born. I studid International Relations in Milan, with a curriculum in Cooperation for Peace. At the same time I started taking pictures. After completing my studies, I leave for Peru working in a NGO, a year full of experiences, of field work, full of strong emotions, and where I begin to apply photography to social issues. I go back to Italy aware of wanting to take the path of social photography and documentarism. I start developing personal projects, in Italy and abroad. I travel to Iran twice between 2017 and 2018. I cover the migration emergency in Bosnia. I worked in Romania in a Roma camp, in Uganda, in the refugee camps on the border with South Sudan and I'm carring on a personal project in Sardinia on pollution and unemployment.

Jury selection

Filippo Taddei’s pictures of Sardinia communicate contradictions. They are at once desaturated yet sensual, somber yet beautiful. Perhaps Taddei intends these pictures to be a political commentary, but they are just as much a mood poem.




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