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Catching up

Happiness does not want to be pursued, it requires observation.
Happiness does not want to be found, it will catch up.
Happiness can be fast, so, what better way to keep it than fixed, forever, on a glossy paper, in a box.
This series was realised in 2021 right after the end of lock. It's about Freezing nano pleasures we just got back. It's part of a larger series called "Entropia".
It was shot on film with a Nikon F4


Cynthia Ortu

Born in France in 1988, Cynthia grew up in Madagascar, between an island and a boat, surrounded by water and nature. It was to study Design that she decided to leave her island for Paris and then Paris for the world, which she explored alone with her first camera.

From this loneliness she draws a look, the one she casts on anonymous, on sensual gestures, on moments stolen from disorder.

Usually placed as an outsider from the situations, she likes to capture textures, light and colors like a painter, with touches of irony, to isolate the moments of our movements and invite our mind to lose itself in its own interpretation.

Jury selection

When the pandemic confinement ended, the return to normal life had to be smooth. Each of us had to resume some of our habits, but slowly, without haste. Contact with normal life was first made through a kind of "nano pleasures" as the photographer puts it and as she manages to stage in a convincing and surprising way. By playing with the idea of diptychs presenting almost banal moments, the narrative potential of the current series "Entropia" is intriguing and seems particularly relevant to the current situation.




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