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Home can be a place, but it can also be a person.
In a historical moment where human contact and sociability are reduced to a minimum, "the eye" and the mind seek nourishment from the heart, the freedom to share spaces and the complicity of bodies.
These images represent for me what the concept of home is.

These photos are shot on film and are part of an ongoing project.


Guglielmo Rivera

Born in Rome in 1987.

My passion for photography began when my parents gifted me my first reflex camera when I turned 16 years old and I started photographing my friends', everyday life and my holidays. A few years later, at the age of 19 this passion led me to enroll at the Cinecittà Academy of Cinema Nuct. During the same time, I started working as an electrician in the film industry, where at the age of 21, I made my first film as a Gaffer, a job that I still do today. While working as a Gaffer, I continued photographing (mainly vernacular photography). Fascinated by the film world, I then decided to enroll in an analogue photography course held by Bauer in Milan. During this time I deepened my knowledge on the development and printing phase of film. I started structuring my first photographic projects, during these recent years, driven by the passion I always had for the world of visual arts,and the storytelling with a different language from cinema.

What I love about photography is the possibility of following the entire creative process by taking care of all the phases, starting from the shot to the final print.

For me, photographing represents a continuous challenge in telling and transmitting emotions through images.

Jury selection

During the confinement the couples had to learn to build a new relationship, to get to know each other and to look at each other differently. Sensuality is certainly one of the last pleasures left to share during the long days of isolation.




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