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Rear Window (the bench)

In Milan, during lockdown periods it was forbidden to sit on the park bench... the police would come and make you go away. Now Is again the ideal set to investigate daily life in a place where the city slows down its run, becomes more tolerant and less formal, a place of interaction and pleasure, interesting from a sociological and anthropological point of view.
Rear Window is an ongoing long-term project on the relationship between people and between photography and people control. Project also has an obsessive/voyeuristic component, a sort of "Rear Window" (the film) on the park.


Matteo Garzonio

I am a photographer who practices different genres, with a predilection for experimentation. In recent years I deepened the search on a personal language, an "intimate vision", which allowed me to go beyond the fact of real and the visible.
This is the genesis and also the meaning of my photographic research.
I received several awards in photographic competitions, including through publications, and I exhibited my works in personal and collective exhibitions.

Jury selection

With a reference to the film Rear Window by Hitchkock, this proposal subtly evokes both the pleasure of freedom regained after the "Covid-19", but also - through the use of digital magnification and pixels - a certain voyeurism that recalls situations of confinement.



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