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I am Dogu.

Dogu from the Jomon period are said to represent the “goddess of fertility”, associating the reproductive ability of both plants and females. The dogu that I saw at an exhibition left a strong impression on me, and I have been creating self-portraits based on the theme of dogu, given also that I was often told that my physique resembles that of a dogu. However, I do also feel a sense of discomfort about the fact that a woman’s body is seen as a symbol for “fertility.” During the Jomon period, there were also masks called “domen” that had faces similar to those of dogu. I imagine they were used to impersonate goddesses during rituals.
This is where I got the idea to play out the daily life of a woman while wearing a “domen” that I created to impersonate a modern “dogu.” This is a self-portrait of ourselves in the modern era, as we live our lives while wearing the mask of a “woman” created at the hands of society and culture.



She has exhibited her photographic and video works since her 20s. In recent years, she has been creating self-portraits using Jomon Dogu as a motif.

2021 18th Kyoto Contemporary Photography Artist Exhibition Second Prize
2020 "Dogu na Seikatsu" / KUNST ARZT, Kyoto
2018 "Dogu na Seikatsu" / Orusuban Project, Gallery OUT of PLACE, Nara
2017 "Dogu ga Watashi" /KUNST ARZT, Kyoto
2016 "Dogu ga Watashi"/Gallery OUT of PLACE, Nara

Jury selection

Judged by Mika Ninagwa:

This was a work that leaves a lasting impression with only a single glance.
It would be even better if the concepts and degree of completion of the photographs are developed further.
I would also like to look at the works as large prints with proper framing.



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