THEME #26Winners2021AUG




The sense of distance

Elegant, charming, adorable, caring etc... There are so many words that can be used to describe a woman. Then, what about "the sense of distance"? Mysterious and obscure, it seems like a woman's inner world and the outside world are always separated by some kind of distance.

This set of photos was taken through a plastic sheet by using the polaroid round frame and offers a chance to peek in to a woman's inner world.



Who am I?

A designer currently studying computational design at The University of New South Wales, Sydney, exploring new forms of artistic expression, meanwhile, as a Flaneur, transferring light into "time slides".

I, male, was born in Inner Mongolia, China. The boundless wilderness and desert where the humans have come from, has embedded the endless curiosity of this world in our genes, and create opportunities to collect time slices. Hence, men explore, record and ponder about what awaits outside the view finder.

Photographers capture unique moments. Since a beam of light travels measurable distance, falls on the subject, passes through the lens, and with the level of refractions finally reflects in his eyes. It freezes on film and is washed with chemical reagents, fixing scenes into instant slices. This is how he sees the world.

Well, who am I?

I am DU SHUAI, I am one of us.

Jury selection

Judged by Mika Ninagwa:

The quality level discrepancy among the works submitted caught my attention.
I felt that it might be better to go all in if the images are to be abstract.
I like this work.



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