THEME #26Winners2021AUG




Rin in the mirror

I continue to take photos based on the concept of “photographing your own reflection in the mirror.” Given that the photos are taken in various situations using different mirrors—carrying a giant 2-meters tall mirror around the city at times, while at others, I placed numerous small mirrors of various shapes—they represent a mysterious new world where only I exist. The theme for this series is “woman.” As the title suggests, only a woman exists in this world inside the mirror.


Rin Naruse

Rin Naruse now studies at the design department of an art high school.
As an actress, she has appeared in commercials, advertisements, short films, and tv series.
She also works as a fashion model.

Jury selection

Judged by Mika Ninagwa:

I decided to award her the Grand Prix because of the level of completion as a photograph, her good taste and personality.
Her photographs show a certain sense of invincibility that teenage girls have and I enjoyed looking at them.
I am looking forward to seeing what kind of work she will create in the future and how she will mature.
I'm sure she'll hit lots of walls, but I want her to kick through them with light steps and keep shooting. Because it's much harder to keep photographing than to make a debut.
I hope she will continue to produce many works in the future.



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