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授 hands

The relationship is the reflection of loneliness. I look at hands as the metaphor of the connection in an intimate relationship. When we meet someone, we shake hands, and the touch gives the first connection between us. When I look back at my work, I find that the gestures and the display of hands often inadvertently inspired me. Therefore I make this collection to showcase how I understand relationships by the beauty of hands.


Honglin Cai

Although I am a photographer, I consider myself more of a visual storyteller. Photography is thought of as an instrument and medium. It is also a visual language that I enjoy working with That language has aesthetic principles. Those various colors in my works seemed to be an essential element in my vision. My understanding of photography has changed with time, and somehow those changes are connected by my use of color. The tremendous cultural differences I experienced formed my unique identity and pushed my significant growth.

Honglin Cai is a photographer based in New York. A graduate
of the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in photography and
video, Cai’s work has been exhibited in Shanghai, Chengdu,
and New York City. Additionally, his fashion photography work
has been featured in Cosmopolitan China, Marie Claire China,
Totem Magazine, and Vogue Italy.

Jury selection

There's some kind of dream sense in Cai Honglin's works, an artistic conception between reality and surrealism. It can be seen that the artist tried to establish rigorous concepts and ideas in the works. Because of the calmness in the works, which made the "hands" more intrusive.




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