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the little death

I've been doing a photo project since 2018 which I take pictures of couples having sex. The main idea was to focus on female pleasure. But during the process of my project I had a lot of talks with the couples I photographed, I've got to hear their stories and to know how their relationship works, cause all of them are in a open/polyamorous relationship. In the end I realized that my work is not just about sex and desires but also about relationships and how sex is perceveid in relatioships.


Michelle Rue

Michelle Rue is a Brazilian photographer based in Berlin. In 2005, she earned a bachelor's degree in Social Communication in São Paulo, Brazil. She started working in the movie industry and two years later she decided to study photography. Michelle has been working with fashion photography since then. In 2011, she lived in New York for 6 months to study cinematography. In 2018, she started a personal project, The Little Death, which is still in progress.

Jury selection

When expressing LOVE between couples, it does not MUST to presented relations through the emotions of the faces. I like Michelle's unreserved expression of the intimate relationship between couples. This visual language is very direct and even rough, but when the lens closer up the bodies, the artist expresses the ambiguity to the extreme. I can call it the skin relationship.



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