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Sweet Feedback

Based on the daily life of the artist Ruihua Liang and her partner, Sweet Feedback is a series of staged photos which presents moments of the practice of love in everyday life. This project aims to reveal the complexity and contradiction inherent in intimacy. The boundaries between dominating and submitting, offering and taking, gaining and losing, and pleasure and pain are all blurred in an intimate relationship. Sweet Feedback focuses on the fluidity in intimacy and tries to recall the power of love.


Ruihua Liang

Ruihua Liang is a fine art photographer. Born in Guangzhou, China, Liang is currently a graduate student in the fine art photography program at Parsons School of Design. She focuses on portraiture and still objects, aiming to explore the complications and contradictions of intimate relationships.

Jury selection

When we talk about "relationships", we most intuitively think of the relationship between people. In our social interactions, we always include the big theme of "love and hate", "intimacy and alienation". Liang Ruihua's works is eye-catching among all the entries. The artistic expressions of the works, from documenting, concepts to interpretation of images, the five works do not repeat the multiple expressions of the "relationship". The "Sweet Feedback" series contains relationships such as domination, involvement, intimacy, touch, and alienation, that is, integration and contradiction. From Liang's works, I can tell the gentle kindness and the tangled distance. The visual performance in photography has both aesthetic elements and rough elements, which makes the contradictions presented in the work even more intense.




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