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Sound and Voice



non-flowing river

This work was shot on film and exposed by submerging photographic paper in water drawn from the Nakagawa Canal. I believe that the photographic paper shimmering in the water of the canal is bathed in light, and thus the voice and memory of the canal can be burned into the photograph.

The Nakagawa Canal is no longer used as a logistics infrastructure, and its downstream is partitioned by locks. Therefore, there is no ebb and flow and the surface of the water is quiet and free of current. This canal seems to be the only place in the city where the flow of time seems to stop in the urban space.
Although the canal seems quiet at first glance, it is emitting a "voice. By listening to its voice, we may be able to see a new form for the coexistence of the canal and the city.


Sakata Kenichi

Lives and works in Nagoya

Photographing the local Nakagawa Canal

I create my works in my darkroom at home.

Solo exhibition at Nakagawa Canal Gallery, June 23-July 30, 2023.

Jury selection

"The river, no longer serving as a canal, is captured like a clear mirror
and listening to the presence of voices that transcend time and space, we can coexist and develop.
the presence of voices that transcend time and space
I am very interested in the attempt to get hints for coexistence and development
I am very interested in the attempt to listen to the existence of voices beyond time and space and to get hints for coexistence and development. It is of great interest to me to try to get hints for coexistence and development by actually taking
It would be good to record the act of
It would also be good to record it as an act of
I think it would be a good idea to actually take pictures in the river or record it as an action on video."


THEME #40 Sound and Voice





Stephen Gill

Until October 16th


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