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Sound and Voice



The Still Flow

Unlike how a river moves, a stone changes subtly in a way humans can't perceive. Yet, is the stone still? To me, life and change, these two words are synonyms. All lives are in motion. I regarded many lives as still, but they are moving at their speed, and I may be static in their eyes. One’s lifespan decides one’s perception of the world. We, humans, may see only a part of the world. Perhaps, a stone sees it differently, or more. Through this project, I re-look at lives that I “seemed” to know, sensing their movement and perceiving the world through their eyes.


Xuemeng Li

Xuemeng Li, born in 2000, China, is a young artist who mainly focuses on photography and film as his art mediums. His recent photographic works explore internalized experiences related to Eastern philosophy, psychology, and personal memories. For more information about his works

Jury selection

To see changes that transcend time and space in a seemingly static photograph
I believe that seeing changes that transcend time and space
I believe that this is an expression that only photography can provide.
Please continue to take pictures of the voices that you feel
Please continue to leave us your voice in your photographs.


THEME #40 Sound and Voice


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