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Sound and Voice



The Sound of _ _ _

In 2022, Hong Kong appears quiet, but ours is an age of aphasia. More than 230 people have been arrested as a result of the enforcement of Hong Kong's National Security Law. Many were found guilty of "crimes of speech." More than 10,000 people were arrested and 2,974 charged in connection with the "2019 Social Movement."
Influenced by סnסn "The Sound of Silence", The Sound of _ _ _ _ images were converted into sound waves and destroyed with sound effects software. Each portrait contains its own unique "noise" and reflects the social context of Hong Kong.


Fung Hoi Kin

Fung Hoi Kin, Demented, veteran photojournalist, takes three-colored pills of orange, pink and purple everyday. He is one of the founders of the photography Zine - Fu Pao Mary and currently based in Hong Kong. He has won numerous domestic and international news photography adwards and participated in exhibition in many countries. Undergoing the social movements of Hong Kong in 2014 and 2019, once emotionally overwhelmed. Witnessing an important news organization which got closed down, relatives and friends leaving one after another, hence realized that photography is useless, awards are useless, but continue to "dream". So keep trapping in the dark room to create and "dream", as a ritual.

Jury selection

Converts photos to sound waves, inverts, reverses inverts, reverses, wahwers, compressors, echoes, noise reduction, and pressors, echoes, denoising and other sound effects, destroying and distorting them and then destroying them, distorting them, turning them into noise, and finally converting them back into pictures.
and finally converted them back into photographs. I gave up on expression, even in difficult circumstances." A strong spirit that refuses to give up on expression even in difficult circumstances, a voice with nowhere to go.
The strong spirit that does not give up on expression, the voice that has no place to go The voice that has no place to go becomes noise and gouges out the viewer's heart.
The strong spirit that refuses to give up on expression even in difficult circumstances. This is a strong work that expresses the reality of Hong Kong.Hong Kong.


THEME #40 Sound and Voice


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