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Describing our Memories

"Describing our Memories" is a 12 x 15 cm from 2021 collage of different analog photographs from different places and times. The pictures were taken with a Nikon AF 200 and printed on colored glossy Fujicolor paper. For me, analog photographs are not only images but also a link to specific times and memories. The chaotic composition represents the feeling of explaining a memory to someone else, who wasn't part of that moment. It seems like a confusing mix of pictures, hidden behind the door of your memory.


Yannick Tossing

Yannick Tossing is a Luxembourgish artist based in Amsterdam. His work is inspired by a
case of Huntington’s disease in his family. During the research on the disease, he dealt
intensely with the subject of everyday life, the loss of physical control and the decreasing
brain function of the patient.

Jury selection

Judged by Tim Barber:

Inspired by the Grand Prix, Takahashi Miki’s work, I thought it would be fun and interesting to make a compilation of the widely diverse and eclectic work submitted for this contest. When edited and organized, the “memory” submissions, sent in from dozens of artists, become a kind of collective-memory-collage, a dream sequence of disparate clues from a kaleidoscopic narrative.

* This work was included in a curated collection of works selected by the judge Tim Barber from a number of submitted works. See the collection



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