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Tokyo date

My grandfather, who lives in Kyoto, was suddenly diagnosed with cancer and underwent emergency surgery. My grandmother, always cheerful and lively, was unusually downhearted. The surgery went well, but my grandfather, a little weakened, said to me, "I want to see Tokyo as it is now," as I was living in Tokyo. Although unsaid in words, I could sense his strong will that this might be his last visit. Wearing masks and our favorite clothes, we came to Tokyo with the unfamiliar bullet train. On the way, while everyone around them was staring at their cell phones and plugging their ears with music, they were staring at the city of Tokyo. It was a moment when a landscape that I had grown tired of seeing became a brilliant memory for the two of us. The scenery of Tokyo, which I had never liked, was now renewed in my mind.


Mai Inohana

Born in Kyoto in 1996.
Studied architecture at Kyoto University of Art and Design (now Kyoto University of Arts) from 2015.
After graduating in 2019, she left her native Kyoto and moved to Tokyo.
Currently studying architecture and architectural photography.

Jury selection

Judged by Tim Barber:

Inspired by the Grand Prix, Takahashi Miki’s work, I thought it would be fun and interesting to make a compilation of the widely diverse and eclectic work submitted for this contest. When edited and organized, the “memory” submissions, sent in from dozens of artists, become a kind of collective-memory-collage, a dream sequence of disparate clues from a kaleidoscopic narrative.

* This work was included in a curated collection of works selected by the judge Tim Barber from a number of submitted works. See the collection




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