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The Shack

Hidden in the Polish Karkonosze mountains, deep in the woods and away from the popular tourist trails, the shack is a secret meeting place for a special bunch of trekkers. Despite the lack of electricity and internet, every weekend the shack is becoming full of people from various walks of life, who normally don't have the opportunity to meet or interact. This place is often visited by people who seek shelter from social conventions and has developed it's own small society.


Amadeusz Świerk

Amadeusz Świerk is photographer based in Wrocław, Poland. Passionate about documentary photography, Amadeusz try to be honest witness of the world. His work is often oriented on minorities – social, ethnic, religious. He aim not only for taking photos but also genuine experience of other human and his culture.

Jury selection

Judged by Tim Barber:

Inspired by the Grand Prix, Takahashi Miki’s work, I thought it would be fun and interesting to make a compilation of the widely diverse and eclectic work submitted for this contest. When edited and organized, the “memory” submissions, sent in from dozens of artists, become a kind of collective-memory-collage, a dream sequence of disparate clues from a kaleidoscopic narrative.

* This work was included in a curated collection of works selected by the judge Tim Barber from a number of submitted works. See the collection



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