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Shining sea

The ocean was a place where I could be myself since I was a child, a place where I could feel the love of my family. The friendships that I built over a long period of time in the short life that I was born into that I never showed my family. Not everything will change just because I'm going to Tokyo, but I hope that the world, which will certainly change, will remain the same, even just a little, and that the relationship between me and the world will remain the same. I hope that the world we meet in the future will be a good one. (2021/01/10)


Nanami Tsunekawa

Born in Aichi in 1999.
Graduated from Nagoya Visual Arts College.
Works at a studio in Tokyo.

Jury selection

Judged by Tim Barber:

Inspired by the Grand Prix, Takahashi Miki’s work, I thought it would be fun and interesting to make a compilation of the widely diverse and eclectic work submitted for this contest. When edited and organized, the “memory” submissions, sent in from dozens of artists, become a kind of collective-memory-collage, a dream sequence of disparate clues from a kaleidoscopic narrative.

* This work was included in a curated collection of works selected by the judge Tim Barber from a number of submitted works. See the collection



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