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Uniting the past. (archaeology of a shared memory)

The saturation of photographic images in this digital world, leads me to collect negatives from different years in different markets, and then make them coincide in the same vital space, the photographic shot where they merge into a single image and lived moment.Like the work of a watchmaker who moves time backwards and forwards, sometimes I make them touch each other on the horizon line, other times their gazes coincide with a hundred years of difference, events that occur, gestures and shared moments united in an imaginary time line.


Antonio Pérez

Antonio Pérez (Tarifa, Spain). He seeks the limits of photography within documentary parameters and constantly reusing the meta-image as a primitive concept and relationship with the world around him. He develops his work in image education and works for different foundations in the African continent.

Jury selection

Judged by Tim Barber:

Inspired by the Grand Prix, Takahashi Miki’s work, I thought it would be fun and interesting to make a compilation of the widely diverse and eclectic work submitted for this contest. When edited and organized, the “memory” submissions, sent in from dozens of artists, become a kind of collective-memory-collage, a dream sequence of disparate clues from a kaleidoscopic narrative.

* This work was included in a curated collection of works selected by the judge Tim Barber from a number of submitted works. See the collection



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